10 22 barrel tuner

Our new barrel tuners… PDT stands for particle dampening technology. The advantages are a wider tune window and less ammo sensitivity due to more efficient control of barrel harmonics…in a tuner design that looks great. This is the next step in the evolution of tuner design and is significantly better than tuning with solid mass alone, as is the case with most other tuner designs currently available. PDT tuners work equally well on both centerfire and rimfire rifles, and can use your PRX length in most cases!

The centerfire tuners are designed to thread onto the barrel. Call us today to find out more about what is the best tuner on the market. PDT tuners come with both installation instructions, as well as simple instructions on how to tune your rifle quickly and easily with it. Now available to fit factory Anschutz heavy barrels, too!! Our tuners have become wildly popular in the benchrest community.

I feel that a tuner will very soon be just as much a part of a new build as is a barrel, stock and trigger. In a relatively short period, there have been numerous national championships won and multiple world records set, in both long and short range, using this tuner.

It has become the tuner by which all standards are set. Pictured below is a rimfire version. Centerfire tuners are threaded. Ezell Custom Rifles.

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Below, a few of the centerfire tuners, finished and ready to ship. This is the one that just keeps setting records and winning!!!

Beautiful color even if it is orange! The tuner is one of the first prototypes of the current design. Bolt is on the wrong side, though!Questions about this item?

10 22 barrel tuner

Ask here. See 18 Questions. Write a Review. Add to Wish List. Add to Gift Registry. Availability: In Stock. Black Expect 2 week delay. Silver Expect 2 week delay.


List stock if YES, on rear tang:. FFL name and phone. Quantity Add to Cart. This is our. It is a slip-fit design with industry standard dimensions. The Classic is designed with the easy access rear cleaning hole and interchangeable low scope base with varying minute of angle MOA available.

When purchased, it will come with v-block, takedown screw, receiver pins and buffer. This receiver is milled out from T6 aluminum and anodized either black or clear.

On this page we have provided many drop down boxes to allow the customer to "build" a barreled receiver, a barreled action or any where in between. The optional rear tang which will increase the stability of the rifle but will also require some custom inletting to the stock.

Both the scope base and rear tangs have mating designs to the receiver so that our rifles have great rigidity as well as some customization aspects. I have the 18" fluted bull barrel, with Kidd receiver, bolt, charging rod and handle, an Archangel stock, and Nikon scope.

After a few mags to break in, I was shooting ragged holes at 50 yards, and 1" groups at yards all shot groups. This rifle will - literally - shoot flies at 50 yards. While I was shooting, I saw through my scope a fly land on my target. I thought, why not: 1 shot, 1 splat.

Along with the accuracy, Kidd products are beautifully made. The quality of machining, fit and finish makes them as much works of art as fine firearms.

10 22 barrel tuner

Top it all off with outstanding and responsive customer service, and you just can't go wrong. The only "issue" I have is that Kidd products are addictive. I WILL be back for more, despite the impact on my wallet.

Did you find this helpful? This barreled action came with everything except the stock. I got the 20" barrel.

10 22 barrel tuner

The SK ammo shot well but not near as well as the Wolf Match.Volquartsen is well known for manufacturing some of the highest quality rimfire rifles, handguns, and firearms accessories on the market.

Volquartsen makes 0. Regardless if you want a heavy stainless match barrel, or a lightweight carbon fiber tension barrel, you will not be disappointed in the quality of the product, and the accuracy of your new barrel. It has been taken one step It has been taken one step further and It features a sleeve that is used to create tension on the barrel itself.

This unique design eliminates issues typically found in smaller barrel profiles. It is CNC-machined and 1. Configuration 0. Volquartsens Forward Blow compensators help with both muzzle rise and noise control by directing the noise towards the muzzle end of the firearm rather than back towards the shooter thanks to precision machined ports that are angled in a forward Volquartsen stainless steel drop-in 0. Weighing in at 1 pound 6 ounces, this.

The Ultralite weighs in at 1 making this. Created with Sketch. Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0. MODEL Stocks Barrels. Quick view. Add to Cart. Compare Selected.Having a top of the line barrel is very important if you want to have a top notch gun. In this article, we are here to help and guide you on the buying journey of buying a new custom barrel.

The short answer: it depends. Typically, length could be a personal preference. But keep in mind that you may need something that will improve the accuracy and velocity of your rifle.

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However, in some states, there are restrictions on how long a barrel has to be for a rifle. For example, in the state of New York, a barrel will need to be no shorter than 16 inches. If you live in a gun restrictive jurisdiction, please consult your laws as to which length minimum will meet the compliance laws. Volquartsen LR measures Here are some things to keep an eye out for:.

The price will likely be a possible concern for those on a budget. What should matter most is the quality and performance.

If you are on a budget, you should never sacrifice the quality of a barrel because of affordability. Instead, get the best quality that fits your budget so you can keep it for longer periods of time rather than just keep switching out barrels ever so often.

Most, if not all, barrels will be made from a type of high-quality steel or aluminum. The stronger the material, the better the chance that it can last long. Installing the barrel will obviously come later on. A drop-in will take minutes and almost no gunsmithing skills to get it installed.

That will definitely save you a lot of time and money. Rifle barrels contain spiraled cuts in the bore known as lands and grooves that make up rifling. The degree of the rifling is known as its twist rate and represents a complete revolution in its denominator.

This rate is based upon the projectile of the round in question. Another important characteristic of a barrel is its outside diameter or profile. The act of firing a round causes the barrel to vibrate like a tuning fork and heat up rapidly. Rapid firing of a heavy caliber through a thin barrel will cause these harmonics to alter the strike of the round, while a thicker barrel will conduct less heat and less vibration.

The downside of using a heavy barrel is the excessive weight it gives the rifle. This factor makes most target rifles unsuitable for most hunting purposes if the rifle is to be carried for long distances. For states that do not allow silencers, these happen to be the same thread patterns for the most common flash suppressors or muzzle brakes.

The following is a list of the best barrels that are currently on the market. You should consider looking carefully at each barrel so you know what to expect and possibly find any features and characteristics that will stand out as interesting. Below you will see the top Ruger barrels currently available for purchase. They have been put into an easy to read table that makes it very simple to find the one you are looking for.

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New users were able to install this barrel without any additional issues. Once installed, they said they were able to get a small boost in accuracy from up to yards. One user said he needed a boost in order to land the perfect kill shot while hunting for varmint or big game. So far, he had no complaints as far as shooting was concerned.

When it comes to space age quality in a rifle barrel, Volquartsen wrote the book. Their barrels are considered some of the best in the world.We have engineered our parts to make it even better.

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Read more about our history on the About Us page. Scroll down to see our upgrades below. If you are wondering how or why we upgraded the parts, go to our engineering page. If you are wondering how these improve anything, go to our engineering page. If you are wondering why Ruger didn't include these in their factory production Don't I need a gunsmith While they are essential for some upgrades, all the parts we sell can easily be upgraded without gunsmith tools or gunsmith level experience.

Our guides on the installation pages walk you through step by step. The only exception is for the pillar bedding, which is an involved process that varies with the type of stock and desired results. The rest of the parts only take a few minutes each to install. Combinations of the most common parts are assembled together in Upgrade, Performance or Tuner Kits. To further allow you to customize your build, many components are available in your choice of stainless steel, blued alloy steel, and the ultimate metal - TITANIUM.

Good luck finding that option anywhere else. Ruger hasn't changed much internally on these models in the last 50 years either, so new or old, our parts are compatible. Upgrading these components will provide the most noticeable improvements to your build.

The bolt buffer, oversized trigger group pins, and the v-block screws all offer significant benefits. Read how upgrading to these improves performance on our engineering page. Raven Eye Custom. Bedding Pillars. Rim Gauges. Swift Current. Quick View. Upgrade Kits Includes takedown screw, bolt buffer, oversized trigger group pins, hex wrench, vibration dampening rings, and 22LR snap caps.

The difference between the kits is the metal used for the takedown screw. In the S1 kit, it is stainless steel. In the S2 it is titanium, and in the S3 it is blued alloy steel. Performance Kits Includes takedown screw, bolt buffer, stainless steel oversized trigger group pins, stainless steel v-block screws, hex wrenches, vibration dampening rings and 22LR snap caps.

In the P1 kit, it is stainless steel. In the P2 it is titanium, and in the P3 it is blued alloy steel. Tuner Kits, for the finest builds Includes takedown screw, bolt buffer, stainless steel oversized trigger group pins, stainless steel v-block screws, escutcheon, flanged bedding pillar, hex wrenches, vibration dampening rings and 22LR snap caps. The difference between the kits is the metal used for the takedown screw and escutcheon.

In the T1 kit, it is stainless steel. In the T2 it is titanium, and in the T3 it is blued alloy steel. You'll need pillar bedding to get there. About Us. New Page.Remember Me? Home What's New? Results 1 to 9 of 9. Well it has finally happened! I have developed a tuner specifically for the short barrel. We worked long and hard to bring something to the competitive shooter at affordable prices. In my opinion one of the best barrels out there and there is no doubt that it will shoot just as well in any other barrel not mentioned.

The tuner will fit any barrel, from I took 10 shooters and 10 different guns all makes and models that my guys had put together. I had them shoot a target without the tuner, and then with the tuner and 10 out of 10 ask me how quick I could get them one. The tuner was built for these guns for the 9th harmonic, which seems to work best in most of the guns using Tony's PRX. There is no doubt on the difference the results are amazing. Even the ammo that did not shoot well in a particular gun had a considerable difference in the group sizing.

Discussing Barrel Tuning & Barrel Harmonics with Buck Master GunSmith

Clamped on or threaded does not make a difference. We are now in production and should have them ready to market with in a month. If anyone is interested in finding out more about the tuner please feel free to contact me joechaconiii yahoo.

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If someone could tell me how to upload a picture I can give you a sneak peak Thanks Joe. Rambo Guest. Hey Joe use the attachment tab under the this MSG box? Joe, If you got the pic stored in your computer use the attachment add on down under the are where you make out your msg?

I would like to see what you come up with!! I've been busy working on my 2 bolt rifles testing and tuning!! Take care!! Rambo Douglas.

Rimfire Barrel Tuner

Rambo I think I got it let me know! Looks Good Joe!! Looks good Joe, is it made of aluminum or steel? The harmonics will give fits for sure!! Douglas We CNC then out of aluminum and we are tuning everything to the 9th harmonic for right now. Thanks Joe. Joe, I've sent a couple of emails.CST Rimfire Receivers are all CNC machined from aerospace grade T6 aluminum billet to stringent tolerances and protected by hard anodize, clear or black are available.

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We pride ourselves in providing the best fit and finish you will find on the market. Every receiver is hand deburred and polished, particularly in the critical bolt channel providing the smoothest operation found anywhere. Extra surfaces are created to flow into the stock for an elegant look. C Rail System, Rigid, Rapid Attachment and Configurationa means to quickly attach different configured rails, flat or extended 20 MOA rails are availablewithout the need to first remove the sighting instrument from the rail.

Using the CST R. Rail System, zero of sights is maintained and has been best described as a "quick-detach that actually works". Upon request, colors of R. Rails can be mixed up for a distinctive look.

The Threaded Rear Tab is firmly and precisely attached to the receiver using two robust dowel pins and a Socket-Head fastener. Once special bedding in the stock is completed, the Threaded Rear Tab provides a rear action screw fastened from the bottom. Short standard and long Rear Tabs are available for the best look in the pistol-grip curvature of the stock. To avoid any required bedding, the Threaded Rear Tab can simply be removed for a drop-in installation of the receiver into the stock, and added later at any time.

The procedure to install the Threaded Rear Tab is found here. Both the CST Titan 22 and CentriX receivers are available in "kit" form, allowing the bundling of parts to best suit your next build. Receivers can be purchased with the Power Match Bolt and Extended Charging Handle included, or complete "everything but the stock and barrel kits" are also available. Mix-matching colors of the Grand Master Trigger Assembly to the receiver is available for that perfect custom look.

Special thanks to Arthur Shaffer: "Just wanted to send my thanks for the support I got from you this year. I used three different CST actions of your manufacture and all performed flawlessly. I enjoyed talking to you early in the year concerning design. I believe your combination of stiffness and rear attachment is the best in the business.

Be advised, the website will process your order regardless of the ship-to address entered, however this item can only be shipped to an FFL holder in your area. The FFL Holder is required to forward a signed and dated copy of their license via email before shipping can take place.

10 22 barrel tuner

Custom Shooting Technologies, Inc. Sales cstmtech. To simplify installation of the rear action screw, Rear Pillar Sets are available. How do they shoot?


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